Spetses Today

Spetses, the lady of the Gulf Islands. It is the island of Matrozou and Boumpoulinas, and helds fairly the privilege of the National affirmation for their invaluable and decisive offer, during the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Here, the history meets nature and tradition. The amazing combination of pine and sea, creates spectacular views of natural beauty. Lacy beaches with golden sand, pebbles and crystal sparkling sapphire waters, give you moments of peace and serenity.

At the same time, it maintains features that remain unchanged over time.

The mansions of the captains of the last century with the local architecture, the picturesque Byzantine churches, he historic museums, the streets with the famous spetsiotic cobblestones, the picturesque shipyards and carriages are traditional elements that manage to fascinate the visitors for many decades and beyond.

In Dapia, the current port, there were cannons that defended the town. Today around the harbor there is the commercial center of Spetses.

Spetses have about five thousand inhabitants, which multiply every weekend and summers due to the easy access from either Kosta or from Piraeus.

There are so many the lures of the island, that it is the preference of Greek and foreign visitors for their vacations.

Spetses is an island with strong cosmopolitan nightlife and all around is beautiful, clean, tidy, the residents are welcoming, so Spetses constitute today one of the most popular destinations in our country.