The Island's Architecture

The houses in Spetses, either mansions or simple houses, has been built with a distinctive local architecture, combination of many elements.

The Spetsiot mansions, are witnesses to the cultural and economic development, which the island has seen in the late 18th century and continues until today.

The Manors are of two or three floors, with a garden and cisterns and the very rich were U-shaped, with a central building and two wings, right and left, as the home of Xatzigianni-Mexi.

The least wealthy houses are L-shaped, ie a main building and an annexe while somewhat rich ones had only one main building.

Other houses were yellowish and other white with many large windows and traditional tiled roofs, decorated with antefixes or small stone statues.
Many of the homes are from outside the leafs and inside shutters, and all open inward.

The more affluent homes had garden in the courtyard and cistern filled with rainwater. Almost all these houses had their yards decorated with mosaics from pebbles in different designs.

Downstairs is the kitchen which has a mouth pit communicating with the cistern, while in the first floor we have the bedrooms and the living rooms.

In the poor two-floor houses at the underground basement was the kitchen and the bedroom and sometimes laboratory or shop.

Most houses are surrounded by high fences, with characteristic large traditional wooden doors.