Traffic Regulations

In Spetses there is car prohibition to the roads. The shop owners, public servants and also the natives can bring their cars, but only for parking. All the above must be provided with a special card from the Municipality, to transfer thrir cars to the island. Municipality phone 22980-20010 / 20020. 

Where ever there is a sign or pavement, you cannot park your car, it is prohibited.

You can bring your car with the ferry boat from Monday to Friday only with the route of 08.10 and 10.30 from Kosta, while on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays the only route is the one of 08.10.

You can take your car outside Spetses with the ferry boat, every day with the schedule of 07.20 a.m.

During the tourist season there are traffic regulations from 19.00 to 02.00, for the mopeds, motorcycles and bikes on the coastal road from Kounoupitsa to the Old Port. The traffic is prohibited