At Spetses you can moore in two ports, in "Dapia" and in the "Old Port" (Baltiza), spaced about half a mile.

In Dapia flying dolphins from Pireus, ferry boats, sea taxis and traditional boats which carry passengers moore.

On piers around the harbor of Dapia, moore the little or big yachts or other tourist vessels visiting the island.

The Dapia port is artificial and consists of two piers with inner depth of 3 meters and 6.5 meters outside. At the base of the first pier a small port is formed having a diameter of 90 meters, inlet opening 40 meters and a depth of 2 m to shallow.
This port serves passenger ships, cargo ships and tourist boats with few places.
In the port of Dapia there is no security provided with winds NW-NE-E over 5 Beaufort.

In the Old Port (Baltiza) which is located in the SE part of the city, moore most private yachts, from small cruisers to large yachts and cruisers inside the harbor and anchor by tying long headland on the coast.

The bay of Baltiza penetrates approximately 55m. to the South. The North outer portion has a width of 250 meters. and the South within 75m.
The axis entering the harbor is 7m. in depth and decreases smoothly until it reaches shallow waters to the cove.
The bottom is sandy with algae, solid and has photolabeling with red spark, NE of the port entrance. The port of Baltiza provides security in high winds with all weathers.

There are five small piers at the port for the convenience of passengers.

The ports of Dapia and Baltiza are recognized from the distance, when the ships approach.
At night the lighthouse is the guide and is located on the edge of the Old Port.

The vessels docked at the two ports of Spetses required to pay port dues to the Port Authority.


The lighthouse network around the island,
facilitate the safe navigation
during the night.

Information: Port Authority of Spetses 22980-72245