The Shipyards

Going towards the Old Port, just before it, we found the shipyards of Spetses, where tradition meets art.

Here our ancestors built the famous vrikogoletes, the boats that gave us our freedom, and Spetsiots continue the tradition of building vessels until today.

You can admire the beautiful vessels, others tied to piers and other under construction, from small fishing boats to luxury large boats of recreation.

Spetses, which has always been one of the largest shipbuilding centers of Greece, remains today one of the few places in our country which continues the tradition.

In the Old Port operate at least ten shipyards in which you can order from a small boat to a very large traditional wooden boat.

Vaggelis Kobogiorgas 22980-74055
Giannis Boufis 22980-73727
Ilias Sklias 22980-73743
Panagiotis Theod. Belesis 22980-72780
Panagiotis Mix. Belesis 22980-73150
Vasilis Delimitris 22980-72759
Nikos Kalogiannis 22980-73727
Pantelis Korakis 22980-72526
Giannis Klisas 22980-73107
Nektarios Klisas 22980-73935