Close Excursions

Α. Daily tours to the beaches by boat

After Easter starts the schedules of the boats that leave from Dapia port, every day in the morning, and execute daily trips or go across to Kosta or to the west at the coast of Zogeria or towards the east to Saints Anargyrous and Agia Paraskevi beaches.
The boats are leaving at around 11.00 in the morning and come back around 17.00 in the afternoon.

Β. The circumnavigation of the island by boat or kaiki or water taxi

You can rent a boat with outboard for 5 people in front of the Mansion of Economou in Kounoupitsa, or for larger groups, rent a boat or water taxi from the port of Dapia or from Kounoupitsa.

Leaving Ntapia we pass from Agios Mamas, the Mansions on the beach of Saint Nicholas, we pass the cape with the lighthouse on the Old Harbour and see the church of "Panagia Armata".
Then the blue church of Agios Dimitrios, the Gulf of Garifallo and further beyond the yellow church of Agia Marina with its beach.
Up high you can see two monasteries facing each other and Spetsopoula to the south and the surrounding islands, with the church of St. John on the largest island of them.
After that, the Fanari of Lianokavou is located to the beach of Kouzounos and then as we see the beach Xylokeriza.
Further beyond as we go towards Kasidokavo, we meet very beautiful and small bays and at the hilltop the church of Prophet Elia.
As we continue, appears the beach of Agion Anargiron, which has the largest sandy beach of the island, the cave "Bekiris" and then, after some time, the beach of Agia Paraskevi.
As we continue at the northwest, passing by the cave of Zaira and Petrokaravo, we turn to the bay Kamares and we reach the bay of Zogeria.
Immediately after, there are the beaches of Zogeria, the cape of Palaiogiorgi and then the small bay of Vaizas.
Further down, there is a steep coast and ahead lies the beach of Vrellos and then the beach Ligoneri.
Also we meet the Schools, the red chapel of Resurrection and then the Kounoupitsa beach, shortly before returning to Ntapia.

C. Walk the paths of Spetses island

Spetses is famous for its forest covering 40% of the island's surface. Unfortunately in recent years some was burned, but even now the visitor can admire the magnificent views of the island, to smell the pine, thyme, cranberries, heather, see wildflowers and look, if you know for herbs and mushrooms.

From Kastelli taking the road that goes to the church of St. Saviour and of St. Dimitri, we continue at the left the paved road, we pass from the water tanks and we are in St. Hadrian's church.

Further down is a large stone house the "Port Arthur", as it was called, and during the course of our route we will meet at the right, the beautiful church of Agia Markella and higher always at our right hand , the one of the Panagia Kapsodematousa which celebrates on July 2.

Going the same way we will meet the reserve-house of the hunters, while 300 meters west is the location "Vigla" with a tower for monitoring fire.

The Refuge-house of the hunters is located in the back of the mountain, from which we see both sides of the island. The view from there is wonderful.

Immediately after there is a crossing where there are two paths to the left and one which goes ahead.

The first road to the left leads to the "Xara", the home of the sisters Mary and Eirini Botassi with the small church of the "Three Spetsiots", at the left of which there is a small path that leads to the fountain "Sikia" , from which we continue and reach the first houses of the village of Spetses, if we want to go from this point in the city.
Continuing the first route to the left, we go to the hill of Elona with the church of Holy Virgin of Elona at the top, from which we descend in the regional area "Kosmadaki", which is the tomb of the monk Akakios Koutsi.

The second road to the left, goes down to the beach of Agios Ananrgyron after 3 kilometers.

Following the road that goes in front, at the right side we find a fairly wide path that leads to the observation station ,originally made by the Italians in order to monitor Spetses isl. and today observatory for the volunteers protectors of the forest during the summer.
Continuing the path in front of the observatory we arrive at "Daskalakis" estate with the chapel of Holy Virgin, where is a celebration at the 1rst of September.

Continuing the road and leaving the path with the observatory we will arrive after one kilometer, to the Prophet Elijah the highest mountain point of Spetses.
We climb towards the chapel with thw same name to enjoy the view and drink some water from the cistern. Southwest we view the town and see the mountain "Parnona" while at the northwest we view "Tolo" , towards the north the "Kranidi" and the mountain "Didimo".

There are trails and roads leading to all the famous beaches of the island and during the walk, visitors will stop many times to admire the unique view to the sea, the coast of the Peloponnese, the islands and the endless pine trees with wonderful scents of the forest.

D. Another route to the Monasteries of Spetses

From Dapia, and at the left , we find the square Roloi and following the internal road we reach the church of Agios Eleftherios.

Here the road splits in two directions and the southeastern route leads in "Kokkinaria" and continuing leads to the monastery of Agion Panton.

Before the monastery of Agion Panton there is an intersection, that to the left leads to the monastery of Panagia "Gorgoepikoos".

The same road continues beyond the Monaseri to the east, and from a point and then becomes a path that goes parallel to the main road, having at his opposite the small island Spetsopoula, leading to the Elona, from there to "Xara" and to the house of the hunters.

From here we go to the "Daskalakis" estate with the chapel of Holy Virgin, and then after 1 km, to the the Prophet Elijah.

Ε. Daily trips to locations around Spetses

By flying dolphin in the morning you can go to Porto Heli, or Hermione, or even in Hydra and Poros and return to Spetses again in the afternoon with the flying dolphin.