There are two buses that operate only during the tourist season and perform two different routes every half hour each.

The first starts from the beach of Agios Mamas, 300 meters left from the port and is directed towards Agia Marina, Kouzounos, the Xylokeriza and ends at Saints Anargyrous the first route, while the second, after the Saints Anargyrous, continues and terminates in Agia Paraskevi.

The second starts from the square of Poseidonio hotel, right by the harbor, and is routed towards Kounoupitsa, Patralis, hotel "Spetses ", KAIKI beach, the Schools, hotel " Xenia ", Bloumperi Hill and ends at Ligoneri and the Settlement, at the first route, while at the second, after Ligoneri continues and terminates in beach Vrellos.

The buses can be reduced depending on the season and the schedule is hanging in the bus station.