How to come to Kosta from Athens by car...

If you own a car or a rental one, then you can easily come from Athens in about 3 hours.

Following the Attiki Odos and then the National Road Athens - Corinth, after the isthmus, go left towards Epidaurus (Corinth Exit B - Epidaurus).

Drive for about 30 minutes and you arrive at the intersection of Epidaurus. Just before you will see signs to Poros or Spetses. At the junction turn right and immediately below the bridge on the left.

Then follow the new road to reach Kranidi, after about one hour. Following the road of Kranidiou arrive at Porto Heli, at the intersection lying on the beach. There, go left and you arrive in Kosta.

Kosta is an area opposite Spetses, one third of a mile from it. Thus there is no risk of exclusion from harsh weather conditions
In Kosta there is large parking to leave your car and across over to Spetses, within minutes (Tel. parking 27540-57256, price 5 euros per day).

Remember that the cars in Spetses are prohibited and are subject to special regulations of the Municipality of Spetses.

You can reach from Kosta to Spetses, with one of the following ways:

By Ferry boat, four times a day throughout the year (8.00 - 10.30 - 13.30 - 17.00).

With traditional boats that operate when filled and operate only during the summer months.

With water taxis that operate 24 hours a day, from Kosta to Spetses and from Spetses to Kosta.