Geography - Climate

Spetses island is located at the right of the Argolid Gulf and around it there are the islands of Spetsopoula, Saint John and the Little Bourboulo.
The island is 1.5 miles away from Ermionida, 50 miles from Piraeus and has an oval shape with a circumference of 11 miles of coastline, and an area of 22.5 sq. km., maximum length of 6.5 km and a width of 4 km .
The highest peak of the island is Prophet Elias ( 291 m.)
The headlands of the island is Sourmpouti (NE), Cavo - Fanari (E), the Mavrrokavos (NE), the Zastano (N) and Bourmpouthi (NW).

In antiquity, the island was called "Pityoussa", which means "Covered in pine" and this name most probably remained in use for three millenia, until the first centuries of the Byzantine Empire. The current name originates from the Venetians, who named the island ISOLA DI SPEZZIE "fragnant island", after the many fragnant herbs which grew there. The name Spetses was later derived from the description.

The territory of Spetses is filled with pines, while much of the area is cultivated. Main products produced are olive oil, cereals, grapes, almonds and figs.

There are a few small farms, producing livestock products. The climate is cool and healthy and offered as an ideal holiday destination.

The population is about 5,000 residents living in the town of Spetses and engaged in tourism, while some are engaged in shipping and fishing.

The Municipality of Spetses are established in 1934, after the recognition of the Community as a Municipality.
It includes the settlements of Agia Paraskevi, Saint Anargiron, the Apostolon, the Adosidon the Vrelo, the Elona, the Zogeria, Ligoneri, the Parapola, the Tzila, the women's convent of All Saints, as well as the islet of Spetsopoula, the islet of Saint John and the Little Bourboulo.