Spetses Mini Marathon

Each year, in the middle of October, are held sports happenings which last three days.

Spetses Mini Marathon is a rich and diverse sporting event featuring a number of happenings and sports activities for the runners and many others.

"Spetses mini Marathon" includes:

5 km Race, extends to the northeast part of Spetses. The route goes through the center of the island, Dapia, and the Old Harbor. It is the historical round of the town, and is suitable for both experienced and first-time runners.

25 km Race, is the full naturalistic round of the island, suitable for experienced runners

The common start and finish point for both races usually is the Poseidonion Square, in front of the imposing Poseidonion Grand Hotel.

5.000 meters Course Swimming Competition (Spetses island-Kosta-Spetses)
Participants start from the Poseidonion square pier, reach Kosta and then, swim back to Spetses. During this course, swimmers are not allowed to wear flippers.

2.500 meters Course Swimming Competition (Kosta-Spetses)
Participants usually transferred by traditional boats to Kosta, and swim back to Spetses - Poseidonion square to the finish point. During this course, swimmers are allowed to wear flippers.

There are three categories of children’s races – participation is free for all.

Children’s Running Races (for children under 6 years old)

Children’s Running Races (children between 6-12 years old).

Children’s Swimming Races.