Historical Personalities


Hatzigiannis Mexis was born on Spetses in 1754 and was given the name "hadj"[hatzi] while visiting the Holy Lands. He acquired a considerable fortune and became famous.

In 1818 he received the title of "Nazir"(First among first) of Spetses by the Sultan, with the right to appoint and/or fire the beys.

He was the first to promote the revolution in Spetses, Hydra and Psara. His ships "Epameinondas", "Themistoklis", and "Periklis" has taken action against the Turkish fleet even before the revolution.

His heroism during the naval battle of Spetses, on September 8th, 1822 was acknowledged by the whole nation. He continued his political activity after the end of the Revolution, becoming State Conselor, Senator, Proxy and Chief of Spetses. He died in 1844.

In 1924 his house was declared a historical monument and today houses the Museum of Spetses.


Kosmas Barbatsis was born in Spetses in 1792 and died in 1887.

Although he did not come from a wealthy family and hence did not provide the Revolution with ships and arms, his courage and patriotism gave him a special place in the history of the Nation.

He joined the navy very young and fought in many battles [Geronda, Karifea, Nafpaktos, Preveza, Patras].

His moment of triumph was the attack of the turkish flagship with his fireship during the naval battle of Spetses in 1822.

This risky action forced the turks to flee, and determined the outcome of the battle and further to that of the whole Revolution.

After the end of the war, Barbatsis grew old on the island, honoured by his fellow Spetsiots for his heroism.


The figure that dominated the naval operations of the War of Independencs in 1821 was Laskarina Bouboulina.

Daughter of the Hydriot captain Stavrianos Pinotsis, she was born in the prison of Constantinople in 1771. Her name Bouboulina, derives from her second Spetsiot husband D. Bouboulis.

When Bouboulis was killed during a battle with Algerian pirate ships in 1811, Bouboulina took over his trading operations and the preparation for the revolution.

She became a member of the "Filiki Etaireia", the secret organization which was preparing the Greek revolution all over Europe, and had the "Agamemnon", her flagship, and three more war ships built at her own expenses.

Finally, she boarded the "Agamemnon" and personally took part in the sieges of Nafplion and Monemvasia by sea, as well as in the attack of Tripolis by land.

She took part in the battle of Argos and other battles of the Peloponese at the head of her own private army.

She spent all her fortune in providing food, arms and ammunition for her sailors and soldiers during the War of Independance. Her daughter Helen married Panos Th. Kolokotronis.

Laskarina Bouboulina was murdered in Spetses on May 22nd, 1825, during a family feud.


Sotirios Anargyros born on Spetses in 1849 and has been the greatest personality of Spetses of the last century. He had migrated to Istanbul, Romania, Egypt, France and finally in England, where he is involved with tobacco.

Finally, in 1883, Anargyros migrates to New York and works in the great tobacco company of Tompson, which in the end inherits from him.

At 1894 he returns for the first time in Spetses, leaves and then comes back the next year and marries his second cousin Eugenia I. Anargyrou.
Anargyros with his wife returns to America, and after three years, sells his businesses and makes a lot of money.

With his base on Spetses, he continues his commercial activity in Greece. In 1904 he ends the construction of a luxurious and neoclassical mansion near Ntapia and in 1907 he manufactures by his own expense the first aqueduct on the island.
later he buys a large area, which he reforests, creating the famous pine forest of Spetses and also he opens regional roads on the island.

Also he builts the famous hotel "Poseidonio" which gave great impetus to tourism and highlighted Spetses island as a resort of the upper social strata. Kings, princes, prime ministers and prominent personalities from around the world were every summer as Poseidonio as Spetses Guests. In 1928 Spetses become the permanent anchorage area for the English fleet, resulting in the hotel's clientele to also include the officers of the English navy, allowing even greater glory.
The largest offer of Anargirou which really raised the level of culture of the island is the creation in 1927 of "Anargyreios and Corgialenios School", which was one of the pioneers of the country colleges and operated until 1983 with Greek and foreign students.

At the same time, a significant contribution of Anargiros was the creation of the fund in favor of war invalids.

He died on December 18, 1928 in Spetses, leaving his entire fortune to the School.