Finearts personalities that loved Spetses

Important Greek and foreign artists and writers loved Spetses and were insired by the island whilst living on it, contributing to its spiritual and cultural development. For more than fifty years the "Anargyrios-Korgialenios" School played an importand role providing high quality teachers who promoted important figures in the arts.

In literature there is an important number of winters and poets such as: George Stratigis spetsiot poet praising the glory of the island, Giannis Pergialitis educator-poet-translator, Maria Botassi, poet of the Botassi family, George Logothetis, Kostas Kokorovits, Kostas Soukas, Mimis Traiforos, Kostas Roussin journalist, the archaeologist-editor-researcher Adonis Kyriou, George Stamatiou writer, etc.

A notable number of foreign writers should be mentioned, for they have chosen Spetses as their second country, and were inspired here of quite an amount of their work. The highly praised French writer Michel Deon and the British John Fowles, who wrote his book the "Magus", which made him famous world wide while teaching at the college.

Spiritually attached to Spetses were Clement Wood and Wilhelm van Vinendaal, as well as Cyrus and Marina Schultzberger, Henry Miller, Jaques Lacarriere, George Moustaki and others.

Important scientists come from Spetses, too, some of them are: Diomidis Kyriakos University professor and constitutionalist of international fame, Angelos Glikis engineer and promoter of port constructions, the famous archaeologists and academians Anastasios Orlandos (specialist of the Byzantine era) and George Sotiriou (founder of the Museum of Spetses and for many years director of the Byzantine Museum of Greece in Athens). And politicians such as George Ralis former prime minister.

In the domain of fine arts, Spetses is proud of the first Greek woman painter Eleni Boukouri Altamoura (1821-1900).

Then follow the big sea painter Ioannis Altamouras, the Spetsiot painter specializing in icons Dimitris Litsas, born in Egypt, the sea painter Ioannis Koutsis, the sculptor and painter Byron Kesses, the painter Zenika etroutsi and the folkrole painter Nikos Mantas. At present all the following live in Spetses, having been working there for many years already: the painter Lida Papakonstantinou, Leonie Gidopoulou, painter specializing in icons, the sculptor Matalia Melas, the painter Nellie Kyriakou-Kalliga, the photographer-painter Lizi Kalliga, the naif painter Litsa Papakonstantinou, the painter Thalia Kleopa, the restaurateur Nikos Maraslis and others.

Many famous personalities, both from Greece and abroad, have either visited the islandĀ  or choose it as their residence, for its beauties, its history and its traditional settlement, before and after the seconde world war, adding to its character and fame as a cosmopolitan island.

The "Poseidonion" hotel contributed immensely to the development of the modern character of the island being a pole of attraction for personalities such as princes, kings, prime ministers, important industrials, scientists, artists, etc. All the former kings of Greece were "hosted" on Spetses.

The former President of Greece Konstantinos Tsatsos, the greekshipowners Niarchos, Onassis and Livanos, Jacky Kennedy-Onassis, Maria Kalas, Noureyeff, Alexander and Amalia Fleming, the MacMillans, the Curchills, the Kennedys, the Rothchilds, William Reyley (Secretary of Foreign affairs, USA), Will Martens (President of the European Assembly), are all indicative names of famous visitors of the island.